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RANGE Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Do I need to be a VWF member?

YES!  We encourage everyone interested in Conservation, Education, Hunting, Fishing and Archery to purchase a VWF membership - this club is active in this community and provides youth education events and training programs such as sponsorships to Narrow Lake Camp and youth archery/coaching events.  We are also affiliated with the Alberta Fish and Game Association - AFGA - so part of your purchase goes directly to protection and stewardship of our lands.  We have for purchase both regular memberships and range memberships - see Members page for more details.  We sell a limited amount of Range Key Memberships each year and you must have a key to shoot on the outdoor range during a non VWF sponsored event **Range restrictions may apply and be aware of firing line.

Do I need to sign in?

YES!  It is the law to sign in & put the orange flag up BEFORE you start shooting & it is part of our range rules.

Can I drive down the range?

NO - please do not drive on the range if the ground is wet


Reason - hard to mow with big tire ruts.  

Multiple shooters on the range?

Please be cautious of who is walking down range to check targets.

The firing line must CEASE FIRE if someone wants to check targets down range.  Is the flag up?  Then someone is shooting or may be down range - do not fire until the Range Officer has cleared & O.K.'s the firing line to be safe!

Can I bring my friends to the range to watch?

NO! - you must be a member to be on our range for insurance purposes.

Do you have trap night?

Yes - we shoot Wednesdays and switch to Sundays to capture daylight

Do you have archery?

Yes - a group of archery enthusiasts get together on Thursdays

Is the area totally fenced?  

No - bordered on North side by large creek & muskeg and farm East side, Golfcourse South

Types of ranges?

25, 50, 100, 200, 300 yard

Regulation Trap Layout


Do some or all use the same berm or staggered berm?

Staggered berms for rifle & archery.  

Are two or more ranges ever used at the same time?

No - trap layout overlaps the 100, 200 & 300 yard ranges.

Only one range/layout used at a time.

Rifle ranges can be used simultaneously.


Beginners Welcome!

Daylight/weather permitting

Bring drinking water and bug spray

Ammo and Punch cards available for purchase

$8 per Individual Round (25 birds)

$60 for 10 Rounds - punch card valid for current year only


Interested? Let us know!

VWF Meetings are generally held the first Thursday each month at 7PM (except June, July & August)

Clubhouse & Indoor Archery Range - VWF Adler Center Located at 5121 50 Street - please bring indoor shoes

RANGE KEYS COURSE DATES Mar 17 10AM, Mar 22 7PM, Apr 7 10AM  

2018 Gun Show February 24 (10-5) & 25 (10-3)- Vegreville Social Centre


Vegreville Wildlife Federation on CELEBRATING 50 YEARS in 2018!

VWF Clothing now available - Thanks for your support!