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Hello Everyone

We just wanted to let
everyone know that the next meeting is an Executive Meeting to be held on
May 2nd @ 7pm. All valid members are welcome.
The Gun and Home Business show was again successful and we would like to thank all of those that helped make it a success. Our thanks to the visitors that came to see and shop at our show; the vendors that displayed their products at the show; and the volunteers that showed up to help out at our show. Also a special "thank you" to those members that spent the long hours in organizing and preparing for the event - great stuff - kudos to you folks. 
The Range Registration and Orientation sessions have been completed for 2019. No furthur sessions for 2019 will be scheduled. Thank you to all that attended and to the volunteers that worked at the sessions.
We have also set dates and times for the 3D Archery Shoot to be held at the range on May 25 & 26. The details are on the "3D Archery Shoot" page under Events and on our Facebook page.
The VWF and Stoyko Mixed Media are sponsoring a couple of "art works" nights. One is a youth event which will be held on May 31, 2019 and the other is an adult event to be held on june 1, 2019. Both events will be held at the VWF Adler Center. Visit the Events - Sign Night page or our Facebook page for all the details.
Also of interest to our members is the publication of the VWF's policy on the use of photographs taken at public events (see "Photos at Public Events" page under Home or our Facebook page for details).
For more information on the VWF please checkout our website or Facebook page.
VWF Executive