Winter Range

What's New:

Next Executive Meeting - 7 pm, Thursday, October 12, 2023 @ the VWF clubhouse

Monthly Meetings are open to the executive and all members in good standing!

Range closures

Range Closures: Sundays in September and October, commencing on September 10, 2023.

*Dates have been determined for the 2024 VWF Gun Show!!

*A Mom's Pantry sale is in the near future!!

Range keys are still available for 2023. For costing please see the membership page (click on membership info button).
If you are interested please email us at or click on the email button below.

VWF Merchandise now available!!!

"Volunteers Wanted"

The VWF needs volunteers to help with their current projects and ongoing operations.

We have open Executive positions that require filling.
If you are interested - please notify any of the current executive.