VWF Merchandise

# 1: VWF Archery Shirts
#2: VWF Trap merchandise

#1: Archery Merchandise - T Shirt Illustration

VWF Archery Shirts
- Order form linkage attached 
- Please use 1 order form per person
- Youth sizer and adult sizer are on the same form so please use care that the correct sizer is used when filling out the form
- Name can be put on the arm if desired
- Orders are due in by May 26
- Please make payment to M & D Creations (information is on the order form)
- Return completed forms to Briana Ropson or Jamie Lowes
- Questions or concerns - call Briana at (780) 603-9345

#2: Trap Merchandise

VWF Trap Merchandise available
- Talk to Trap Chair Graham Shell (587 280-6131) if you want to order