VWF Outdoor Range

52425 Range Road 145

2024 Rules & Regulations

To all of the Users of our Outdoor Range facility:

       Welcome to the shooting facilities of our organization!
We work very hard to make these facilities a safe and enjoyable place for you to use.
Our range is one of the nicest in the province.
Take pride in our range.
Take care of our range.
Keep our range safe as this is our top priority.

Thank you.
Please enjoy.

The VWF Executive


Gather up your garbage when you are finished shooting and:
1. Put your used brass in the appropriate brass disposal containers; and
2. Put the rest of your unwanted items in the normal garbage containers that have been put on site for that purpose.
3. Have a great rest of the day

VWF Outdoor Range Key Holder
Rules and Regulations 2024

Edited: March, 2024
Keys expire: April 30, 2025

1. Range key holders are to display Range and Membership cards – these must be visible at all times.
2. The law requires that a person owning those firearms on the range must have a current PAL for the firearm type (non-restricted, restricted or prohibited) that he/she is using.
3. a) Members choosing to use the outdoor range at their convenience must purchase a range access key and attend the orientation course. This use is limited to members of the VWF only!
   b) Sharing keys with other members (other than members covered by a family membership) is not permitted.
   c) A range access key is not required for scheduled club shooting and social events, but you must have a valid AFGA membership.
4. The main gate must be locked immediately after entering the site and immediately after exiting the site.
5. All users must immediately sign the Range Log upon entering the range, whether involved in the shooting or not, and in doing so, agrees to abide by the VWF range rules, a copy of which is normally posted at the range.
6. The Range flag must be raised upon entering the range regardless of activity and lowered upon exiting the range. It is the responsibility of the first person on the site to raise the flag and the last person leaving the site is responsible to lower the flag when the activity is finished. It is illegal to discharge a firearm on the range if the range flag is not up.
7. The Vegreville Wildlife Federation is NOT LIABLE for any injuries that may be incurred through the use of the range.
8. a) The first person on the site is the acting Range Officer. If another person enters the range and the first person would prefer him/her to be the acting Range Officer, then the change is fine as long as there is communication between the shooters at all yardage shooting positions/benches on the line.
   b) If a certified Range Officer enters the site then they shall assume the Range Officer duty unless they defer these duties to an acting Range Officer.
   c) All shooters at all shooting positions must be informed immediately of any changes in Range Officer.
9. The Range Officer is the absolute authority on the range and he/she is bound by these regulations.
10. Range hours are the same as Alberta hunting regulations – half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset.
11. Hearing Protection is mandatory and must be worn by all persons (shooters and non-shooters) while firing is in progress. Eye protection is optional but is strongly recommended.
12. Because of possible visibility restrictions within the shooting sheds and down range at the 200 & 300 yard backstop, extra precautions must be taken before setting up targets and before firing. Check to see if other shooters at other yardages (especially 200 & 300) are done shooting before checking targets. Call a “CEASE FIRE” on all yardages prior to walking down range.
13. NO CROSSFIRING!! Only shoot at the target yardage for which your shooting table/stall is assigned.
14. All actions must be open on firearms at the firing line on the benches/stalls until the firearms will actually be used. All other firearms (not actively being used) must be on the rack or encased and not on the firing line. Pistols and rifles may only be discharged from the “firing line”.
15. Firearms shall not be handled on or behind the firing line, except when the range is active (hot). Ammunition may not be inserted into the firearm except on the firing line.
16. The location of the “firing line” begins at the three-pistol shooting stalls and extends to the 25, 50, 100, 200 and 300 yard shooting benches. The “firing point” includes a one meter area to the rear of the shooting benches/stalls along the entire firing line. Only shooters, coaches and the Range Officer are allowed in this area while firing is in progress. This area may be changed by the Range Officer for different disciplines, but the depth may not change. ALL active firearms (loaded or not) must remain pointing down range at all times.
17. The “cease fire line” (stand clear line) begins one meter back of the firing line (the benches/stalls) extending to the rear of the range. See Range Diagram below for range firing positions.
18. No person may move onto or forward of the firing line (benches/stalls) after “cease fire/firearms down” has been called until all firearm actions have been cleared and checked open. Exceptions to this are only by direction of the Range Officer. See Range Diagram below for range firing positions.
19. There is NO HOLSTERING of any firearms at any time - unless it is by an ON-DUTY UNIFORMED RCMP or ALBERTA FISH & WILDLIFE OFFICER.
20. Anyone under 18 years of age or inexperienced with firearms use must be under direct adult supervision (arm’s length) at all times.
21. The consumption of alcohol or the use of cannabis or any other drug is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on this range, if you are under the influence of any of these please stay home for the safety of everyone.
22. Shooting a rifle or pistol at anything other than approved paper targets properly mounted on the range`s target holders is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN.
23. DO NOT shoot at the support beams or at areas of the target holders that are painted (usually red).
24. All range users shall remove their targets from the target holders, pick up all garbage and refuse (targets, cartridge brass, shotgun hulls etc.) and leave the range clean for the next person.
25. Since the airport is behind our range there may be aircraft above, please be respectful and do not aim or discharge a firearm until the aircraft has passed over.
26. Occasionally it is necessary to deploy a “Double Lock” arrangement on the range access gate. When this arrangement is deployed it means “No Access, No Entry, No Shooting”.
27. Any noncompliance with these regulations and/or any serious and potentially dangerous behavior will not be tolerated and will result in a loss of range privileges.

Diagram: Firing Line, Firing Point & Cease Fire Line (Stand Clear Line)

Other Issues pertinent to the Range Operation

Range Events:

The range will occasionally be closed for range maintenance and other VWF club events. The rifle range will be closed during trap shooting (Wednesday nights during summer / Sunday afternoons during fall) and pistol shooting (Thursday nights). Club events will be posted as soon as possible on the Vegreville Wildlife Federation website (www.vwf.ca) and the VWF page on Facebook.

Photo Policy:

Throughout the year executive sponsored members and volunteers may take photos and video of anyone participating in Vegreville Wildlife Federation sponsored events & activities. These photos will be typically kept in a group photo album, though some may be used to submit to local newspapers on achievements of the club or placed on the Vegreville Wildlife Federation Website or Social Media sites (i.e.: Facebook) to acknowledge or promote the Vegreville Wildlife Federation

Request to Members:

In order for our range to best serve our members, we strive very hard to keep the grounds well maintained. In order to accomplish this, we require the assistance of our members. When required we organize members for a work bee to do general upkeep on the range consisting of doing routine things like cutting grass, collecting garbage, and any other errands that need to be done. We are very proud of this range and with your cooperation we can continue to keep it a safe and enjoyable place.

Double locking of Range Gate:

We have recently encountered a few instances where it has become necessary to overlock (or double lock) the range gate entrance for safety reasons. This means a lock and chain were fastened to the range entry gates in such a manner that the gates will remained locked even if the VWF lock is unlocked and removed. When this arrangement is used it is for cause and it means "No Access, No Entry, NO SHOOTING" on the range. The times and dates when the overlock situations must be used are normally known in advance and will be posted on the VWF website and facebook page as soon as possible once known. However, please be warned that there may be occasional occurances when we do not have time to react quickly enough to post the information. We hope those times are very few! A permanent sign will be attached to the range gates informing of the overlock situation.