Vegreville Wildlife Federation  & Alberta Conservation Association

- VWF is a proud land steward and a supporter of Alberta Conservation Association "Buck for Wildlife" program.

- Local Buck For Wildlife Site details: This 75-acre site is located on the west side of Vegreville just southeast of the intersection of Highway 16 and Twp Rd 524. Roughly 30 acres on the east side of the property is hayed and the rest is a parkland ecosystem mix of aspen trees, shrubs, and grasses. A 5 acre wetland is on the south end of the site and a viewing shed located on the south end of the wetland provides perfect opportunity for waterfowl and other wildlife viewing.

- Newly listed on Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) website under "conservation sites". (site # 716, page 29, named Vegreville) or click on ACA Conservation site directory below. A active map of all ACA (Buck for Wildlife) sites is available on the ACA website.

- Wildlife at this site include many kinds of small song birds, ducks, geese, heron, rodents of all kinds and occasionally deer move through the area.

- Restrictions: Day use only. No open fires. Foot access only. No Hunting.