Vegreville Wildlife Federation

About Us

VWF Executive
- 2024 -

President: Jamie Lowes

Vice President: Steven Ryder

Membership Director: Valerie Lowes

Range Chair: Duncan M

Pistol Chair: Jon Borstel

Archery Chair: Jamie Lowes

Past President: Daryl Sapp

Treasurer: Al Rusnak

Secretary: Briana Ropson

Trap Chair: Graham Shell

Programs/Publicity Director: Steven / Teresa Ryder

Facilities Director: vacant

If you are interested in being an executive member of the VWF please email the VWF at "" or contact any of the current executive members.

Club Information & History

Mailing Address - PO Box 713 Station Main, Vegreville, Alberta, T9C 1R7

Email Address -

Clubhouse - VWF Adler Center, 5121 50 Street, Vegreville, Alberta

VWF Outdoor Range - 52425 Range Road 145, Alberta

Facebook -

Web site -

The Vegreville Wildlife Federation (VWF) was founded in 1968.

In addition to our beautiful shed sheltered outdoor range we also have an indoor clubhouse and Archery Range located at the VWF Adler Center at 5121 50th street.

Executive/club meetings are generally held each month (except for July and August).

Other member meetings: April membership drive & Annual General Meeting.

The VWF is affiliated with the Alberta Wildlife Federation (nee AFGA).

VWF membership is made up of sportsmen/women, youth, archers, resource managers, wildlife, fish, gun and environmental enthusiasts - we continue to grow.

The VWF membership supports positive stewardship of wildlife and the environment, responsible hunting and fishing, archery, conservation, environment, education and youth programs.

VWF Policies