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Hello Everyone

Hi all. We hope everyone had a great summer.

First off, we wanted to let everyone know that the next meeting is an Executive Meeting to be held on
November 7 @ 7pm. All members in good standing are welcome. Also, due to executive member availability and some time sensitive deadlines we will be dealing with the "Special Resolution Building Mortgage" issue at this meeting.

The "Special Resolution BUILDING MORTAGE" meeting (originally scheduled for December 5) will now be held in conjunction with the November 7, 2019 executive meeting. As the name suggests this meeting involves making an informed decision about the clubhouse and will have an impact on the future of the club. For this reason the executive is encouraging all members in good standing that can attend this meeting to "Please" attend and help us in deciding the direction the club will go in! We apologize for any inconvenience the moving of this meeting may have. Thank you.

We have recently encountered a few instances where it has become necessary to overlock (or double lock) the range gate entrance for safety reasons. This means a lock and chain were fastened to the range entry gates in such a manner that the gates will remained locked even if the VWF lock is unlocked and removed. When this arrangement is used it is for cause and it means "No Access, No Entry, NO SHOOTING" on the range. The times and dates when the overlock situations must be used are normally known in advance and will be posted on the VWF website and facebook page as soon as possible once known. However, please be warned that there may be occasional occurances when we do not have time to react quickly enough to post the information. We hope those times are very few! A permanent sign will be attached to the range gates informing of the overlock situation.

The VWF and Stoyko Mixed Media will once again be teaming up to sponsor an event. This year the event will be a Family Art event. Details and date are still being worked out and will be posted under the Events header as details become available.

Archery will be starting up again for the fall and winter sessions. See the Archery header for more information.

Tickets for the 2020 VWF Annual Raffle are now available. If you are interested in purchasing tickets please contact a VWF member or email us at "vegrevillewildlife@gmail.com" or contact us via our
"VWF facebook" page.
VWF members wishing to help sell tickets, please contact Jamie.

VWF Executive