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Clubhouse and Indoor Archery Range - VWF Adler Center at 5121 50 Street


Important Notice to All VWF Members

 Due to concerns regarding the spread of the Covid 19 virus and the A.H.S. and Alberta Government recommendations and directions for Albertans during this time the VWF had placed all of it's activities on hold. The health of our V.W.F. members is our primary concern.

We believe we have now reached a time when we can cautiously begin to operate and provide a limited service to our members. This will NOT be a normal operation and the rules/regulations as set out by A.H.S. and the Alberta Government must be adhered to fully at all times.

To facilitate this limited return to operation the VWF has "cobbled" together a set of procedures to be followed for this year (2020) only. They may not be what everyone wants or likes but please bear with us as we traverse these difficult times.

The procedures for obtaining a 2020 VWF range membership and range access are on the "Events - Range Registration" page of the website.
The procedures for obtaining a 2020 VWF regular membership are below on this page of the website.

Please check the V.W.F. website, Facebook and other social media sources regarding all VWF events.

Membership Details

Vegreville Wildlife Federation would like to share the following changes we have decided to make with the Covid-19 pandemic situation and your VWF Regular Memberships (NON KEYHOLDERS) for 2020.

We have decided to go through the following process:
#1- You must fill out a new membership form (VWF Online Regular Registration Form). YOU MUST FILL OUT YOUR FORM CORRECTLY AND CLEARLY IF YOU WANT YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO COUNT. As we will not be meeting in person to collect membership.
#2- You must then mail it into to the VWF with payment (or email the form & E-transfer the fee).
#3- We will then mail you your VWF Membership Card
#4- We will NOT BE ACCEPTING NEW KEY HOLDER MEMBERS AT THIS TIME as we can not proceed with the key courses as of Alberta Health Services recommendations.
#5- This will only be for this year; all memberships expire March 31/2021 in which we will go back to normal.

Fees are as follows:
General Memembership: $ 50
Family Membership: $ 70
Associate Membership (RPAL Use): $ 75

Mail forms & Cheques back to:
Email & etransfer :

For questions or concerns please contact one of the following executive members:
Peter Varga (President): 780-632-6091
Jamie Lowes (Vice President): 780-208-7900
Darryl Sapp (Past President): 780-208-0147
Valerie Lowes (Director of Membership): 780-603-3859
Or email

To Stay updated please check out our website, facebook page or club sent emails

2020 VWF Executive

President: Peter V

Past President: Daryl S

Vice president: Jamie L

Secretary: Ian R

Treasurer: Al R

Director of Membership: Valerie L

Director of Facilities: vacant - volunteers please

Director of Programs and Publicity: Jim D

Trap Chairperson: Graham S

Pistol Chairperson: Myron K

Range Chairperson: Steven N

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