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Hello Everyone

We just wanted to let everyone know that the next meeting is an Executive Meeting to be held on
September 5th @ 7pm. All valid members are welcome.
The Annual 3D Archery Shoot was held at the range on May 25 & 26. Thank you to all volunteers, sponsors and participants, and a special thanks to Jamie and Val for all of their work. A sponsors list is available on the Events - 3D Archery Shoot page. Photos of the event can be accessed on the Events - 3D Archery Shoot page as well as on our Facebook page - enjoy!
The VWF and Stoyko Mixed Media sponsored a couple of "art works" nights. One was a youth event and the other was an adult event. Both events were held at the VWF Adler Center. Visit the Events - Sign Night page or our Facebook page for more details. A special "Hats Off" to our own Val for the all of the work promoting and arranging these successful events! Kudos!!
The range rules have been updated and emailed out to all range members. The new rules have also got their own page under the Range menu title. Feedback is welcome. 
Also of interest to our members is the publication of the VWF's policy on the use of photographs taken at public events (see "Photos at Public Events" page under Home or our Facebook page for details).
For more information on the VWF please checkout our website or Facebook page.
Also wishing everyone a GREAT summer!
VWF Executive