2020 Canadian

Gun Regulation


This page is intended to provide quick access to some websites that have information about the recent changes to Canada's gun laws for VWF gun owner members.

It is not intended to have a "pro" or "con" bias to any of the information, or to prefer some information over other. These articles were chosen randomly and because they had an Alberta connection. As well this is by no means all of the information available on the internet on this subject.
This will hopefully provide some information to the VWF members on this subject so they can make up their own minds as to what furthur investigation to do!!

Gun Ban Canada - Exposed - youtube series - episode 1 (more episodes available from episode 1 page)

Alberta Firearms Advisory Commitee

Alberta - Have your say on firearms policy

Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Letter to Gun Owners 

Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Firearms Reclassifications

Public Safety Canada - Firearms Legislation

 National Firearms Association website

Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights website

Global News - Reality Check

Global News - Alberta Firearms Enforcement

The Gun Blog.ca - Liberal Gun Bans

CTV news - Alberta Premier

Alberta Politics - Alberta's statement

National Post - Legal Action

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