Due to the Covid 19 pandemic all events had been cancelled or postponed until we were in a better time.

Safety and well being was and still is the most important thing right now for everyone. 

We (the VWF) are not yet ready to return to in person type participation at events but we decided to try some "on line" or "virtual" type events. We'll see how well these work out for us in the fairly near future.

Check back to this page occasionally because it will be updated as soon as possible after any change is made to the status of any of the VWF events!

Thank you for your patience.

Take care!

Be safe!

The VWF Executive - April 26, 2021

* April 26, 2021 update *

VWF is currently working to hold a raffle or a 50/50 draw in the near future. Please watch this space for updates!!

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